Cheatham County mayor will not enforce mask mandate

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CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Kerry McCarver, Cheatham County Mayor, said he will not be enforcing a mask mandate in the county amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

McCarver said he will encourage masks when six-foot social distancing guidelines cannot be followed.

He released the following statement:

I will not mandate their use for several reasons. Governor Lee has not outlined who would enforce his executive mandates or what the penalties would be. The executive order did not direct state funding for the local county to cover costs involved with enforcement. Each of us has the responsibility to protect himself or herself. I stay more than six feet away from everyone—especially from those who choose not to wear a mask. Either extreme of keeping everyone shuttered in his home or ignoring all cautions and warnings is wrong. A mandate could not be enforced or have any penalties or citations, so those who are calling for the mandate would be frustrated more when they find out there would be no punishment for those who choose not to wear a mask. We will survive and move forward with balance and good old Cheatham County Common sense. We work every day to keep our county safe and to unite our citizens to move ahead together. One of the good results of the pandemic is that we all have to determine our own personal responsibility to ourselves and each other. We also have to decide what level of government do we need and willing to tolerate or accept to live truly free. 

Kerry McCarver, Cheatham County Mayor

COVID-19 in Tennessee

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