CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Cheatham County man is behind bars after being charged with felony sex crimes with a minor.

Cheatham County deputies arrested 69-year-old Thomas Burr on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at his home.

Burr is charged with aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and aggravated unlawful photographing of a minor.

According to the arrest paperwork, Burr, who did know the girl, took nude photos of a minor female while she slept.

Investigators say when they searched Burr’s phone they found between 30 and 50 nude pictures of the victim asleep in her bed.

The affidavit also indicated there were many more folders in Burr’s phone, some of which reportedly had between 100 and 200 pictures. What was shown in those pictures is unknown at this time.

A quick background check of Burr revealed he had been charged with reckless driving in 1991 in Nashville, and a 2002 DUI case out of Cheatham County.

Burr’s bond is set at $50,000. The court has ordered Burr to have no further contact with the girl.