CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man allegedly stole a Cheatham County school bus because it was Mother’s Day and he wanted to go see his mother.

On Mother’s Day, 35-year-old Tony Adcock was reportedly walking by West Cheatham Elementary; surveillance video shows him getting into a small bus, finding the keys, then driving away.

“He got tired of walking, found a school bus and decided, ‘I’m going to take that and go see my mother.’ It’s Mother’s Day, why wouldn’t you want to see your mother, right?” Lt. Ken Miller said.

Adcock drove bus No. 75 for miles. Surveillance video from inside the bus has audio and you can hear the radio blaring and at times, Adcock singing along.

Finally, when he tried to park the bus, the alarm began to go off.

Normally school bus drivers have to turn off the alarm in the rear of the bus; it forces them to get up and look for children who may be in the seats.

Adcock, however, didn’t know this, so after a few minutes of the alarm blaring he panicked, driving the bus to a remote location, where he got out and abandoned it.

A few hours later, a Cheatham County Deputy found the bus with the alarm still blaring, parked oddly on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

“So they reach out to the school bus garage. They say, ‘We don’t have any drivers who live there,'” Miller said

The deputy investigated, finding the bus empty before notifying the school system. The bus was later returned without any damage.

On Thursday, detectives found Adcock and confronted him.

“He pretty much admitted everything,” Miller said.

When asked what’s the morale of this story, Miller smiled and said, “Call us and we’ll give you a ride instead of taking something that doesn’t belong to you. We can get you somewhere you need to be.”

Adcock is charged with motor vehicle theft of over $10,000; the bus is valued at $70,000.

Cheatham County School Officials tell News 2 keys to parked school busses will be secured following the incident.