Cheatham county father warns of snake bite dangers

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CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s prime season for snakes. On Tuesday night a woman in Cheatham County was bitten by one in her own yard.

Three summers ago, another Cheatham County family experienced a similar situation with their three-year-old son.

“As he comes around the corner, the copperhead was actually just sitting on the deck of the house and he snapped on him and bit him between his knee and ankle,” said Matthew Cerda.

Cerda’s son, Ethan, spent a week in the hospital after a bite by a copperhead snake.

“This has probably been the most terrifying experience that we’ve had as parents since we’ve had kids.” said Cerda

After his son was bitten, he was taken to a hospital in Ashland City and then transported from there.

“They don’t have the antivenom here so we had to have him rushed to Vanderbilt by ambulance to get it, and according to the doctors we cut it pretty close.”

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency told News 2 there are only four venomous snakes in the state — including the copperhead.

“If you come across a snake, you should try you’re bes tto avoid it.” said Barry Cross, spokesman for the TWRA.

He continued, “If you can take a picture, which is probably not on a lot of people’s minds after being bit, but if you can describe what bit you to the physician…that would probably be helpful for them.”

In Cerda’s case, knowing the type of snake that bit his son, proved to be crucial.

“What saved my son’s life really and truly, according to the doctors, is the fact that my mother-in-law saw the snake and saw what kind of snake it was. Because initially they didn’t know what kind of antivenom they were going to administer until we told them it was a copperhead.”

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