ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) — The family of a 2016 murder victim said they’ve been denied justice after waiting for nearly seven years for their loved-one’s accused killers to be sentenced in court.

On Dec. 2, 2016, 24-year-old Gregory Sanders was murdered outside a home on Gibbs Road where he was trying to collect rent on a property he owned, his family said. According to police, someone inside the home shot and killed him.

“It’s changed my whole family,” said Mariah Mosley, Sanders’ sister. “My nephew has to grow up without a dad which is even more sad. Watching my mom fall to her knees, going to identify the body was just not okay.”

Four months after Sanders’ killing, Daniel and Mollie Baker were charged with second degree murder. Both the husband and wife made their $50,000 bonds and were released from jail until 2022 when they were arrested on gun and drug charges in Perry County, according to previous reporting by News 2.

However, last week, Mollie was released on bond and is not believed to be in police custody.

“They have been out most of this time,” Mosley said. “They do have prior criminal history, so I don’t even know why they were able to bond out on murder. I think that’s something my family is wanting answers to.”

Both Daniel and Mollie’s trials have been delayed multiple times over the years. Mollie’s trial, which was pushed back in 2019, has still not been rescheduled. Daniel’s trial is set for this October, according to the Cheatham County court docket.

Mosley told News 2 her family wants to see the couple face a judge and finally be sentenced.

“It’s been prolonged for years now, six going on seven, and it’s just a really long time for my family to be going through the torture and agonizing pain,” Mosley said.

Mosley honors her brother by wearing a bracelet with his name on it, and using a keychain with his face etched inside.

“As a little sister, having older brothers, they’re like your protectors and your guardians, and now I have to always remember him as my protector and my guardian angel.”