CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Sawed-off shotguns, military-grade smoke grenades, a stolen van, and two ex-cons were all featured in a dangerous chase across Cheatham and Davidson counties.

It all began Monday morning when Cheatham County deputies clocked a stolen U-Haul van traveling 68 mph in a 45 mph zone on Highway 41A.

After the deputies activated their lights, the van took off, leading authorities on a lengthy pursuit across Cheatham County and into Davidson County.

Law enforcement soon learned that the van — which was not only stolen from Kentucky, but also had its decals removed and was using plates stolen from a BMW — was being driven by 27-year-old Billy Lynn Hollis. According to the Department of Correction (DOC), he has been convicted for multiple offenses in Montgomery County since 2018, including auto burglary, drugs, and evading arrest.

Meanwhile, Hollis’ passenger was identified as 27-year-old Tosha Perry, who was sentenced to three years probation in Montgomery County in 2022 for a meth-related charge, the DOC said.

Once the van reached North Nashville, it reportedly swerved at the pursuing officers twice. On the body camera footage, you hear the deputy ask, “He hit your car, boss?”

After approximately 45 minutes, the van happened to speed by a Clarksville Pike crime scene being handled by members of the Metro Nashville Police Department.

At that point, Metro officers jumped in to help the Cheatham County deputies by spiking all four tires on the van. Metro cops help out the Cheatham Deputies by spiking all four tires on the van.

Dashcam video shows the van crashing through barricades before the felons dashed into the woods.

In the footage, you can see one deputy catch Hollis as he was climbing a steep embankment. The deputy reported he warned the suspect, who disobeyed commands, so the deputy used his Taser two times on Hollis, allowing him to be cuffed without further incident.

Meanwhile, Metro police and another Cheatham County deputy were busy catching up to Perry, who made it farther into the woods.

Once she was arrested, law enforcement officer asked Perry what was her drug of choice, as seen in the bodycam video. She replied, “I really don’t want to talk about that right now.”

A check of the van yielded a small arsenal that included three shotguns, two pistols and several military smoke grenades. At the time of the arrest, the weapons had not been reported as stolen, but authorities said one of the shotguns was not legal.

Since Hollis appeared unconscious, first responders were brought in to offer medical attention. However, he allegedly became irritated and ordered the medic away.

Hollis: “Go away.”

Deputy: “We’re not going away. We’ve been chasing you for 45 minutes.”

Hollis: “Yeah, I know you.”

Deputy: “Answer their questions.”

Hollis: “If I listened and followed orders so well, I wouldn’t be right here, would I?”

Deputy: “No, no you wouldn’t.”

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Eventually, Hollis was put in the back of the squad car, where he spoke more with law enforcement.

Deputy: “Why’d you run like that, boss?”

Hollis: “By the time I was able to take control of the situation, it was too far gone.”

Deputy: “You should’ve just stopped, buddy.”

Hollis and Perry have reportedly been charged with more than a dozen crimes, including possession of a prohibited weapon, evading arrest, reckless endangerment, speeding, possession of a handgun while under the influence, and aggravated assault on a first responder.

Neither suspect was given a bond. They are both due in court on Sept. 27.