MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man chased by Maury County, Williamson County and the Tennessee Highway Patrol told News 2 he was having a seizure during the chase, and he thought law officers were escorting him to a local hospital.

Quentin Lamar Bullock talked about the hour-long, 40-mile chase on November 9 that began on I-840 In Williamson County and ended on the north part of Columbia.

It began as a front headlight out, and it ended in a felony takedown with the 29-year-old crying, telling first responders he was afraid.

Friday morning, from the Maury County jail, the father of five children told News 2 he was having a medical episode.

“I mean I don’t remember too much,” Bullock said. “I had an epileptic seizure at work, and I started driving and I thought I was being escorted to the hospital, I thought the police were escorting me, I woke up in the jail, I really don’t remember too much really.”

At the time, Chief Deputy Mark Elrod told News 2, multiple law enforcement agencies spiked Bullock’s car.

Then around Garden Street in Columbia, more than an hour after it began in Northern Williamson County, officers made a felony stop on Bullock.

On bodycam video, you see a deputy holding his K9 shouting, “I will send my dog and he will bite you get out.”

Bullock surrendered and immediately became emotional. Over and over he was heard saying he was scared. He told officers he didn’t want them to hurt him. He said he had experienced a seizure.

Officers quickly got EMS to Bullock to assess his situation.

Now in the Maury County jail, charged with a number of felonies in two counties, the chase suspect watched a portion of the video and told News 2, he doesn’t remember much from that night.

“That is normal for me to have a seizure. I really don’t remember too much. I was in a panic,” Bullock said. “People say that’s is how I act. Sometimes I come out of it violent, sometimes I’m emotional.”

Bullock told News 2 that on the night of the chase, he was experiencing a seizure, and he mistakenly believed officers are trying to escort him to a local hospital.

“Like I said, I thought I was being police escorted because I did realize they were behind me and I tried to wave them in front like come on I need you guys to drive cause I don’t know where I am going,” Bullock said. “I didn’t know that they wanted me to pull over at all. I didn’t know I was being chased down, I thought I was being escorted to the hospital. I didn’t even know nothing about a headlight or tail light being out.”

Bullock is facing multiple felonies in Maury and Williamson Counties. He said when he serves his time for his crimes, he plans to return to his home, Detroit, Michigan.

According to Williamson County deputies, the night of the chase, officers searched bullock’s car and found a baggie with drug residue that tested positive for cocaine.

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According to the Maury County Sheriff’s Department, Bullock has a lengthy record that includes aggravated domestic assault, reckless endangerment with a weapon and tampering with evidence. These charges and others date back to 2015.