Charges possible for bulldozer operator who smashed into Spring Hill home

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SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man who drove a bulldozer into a Spring Hill home is a free man as police continue to piece together this unusual case.

The man drove a bulldozer onto a family’s property and into their home Wednesday afternoon on Spirit Court in Williamson County.

The 54-year-old driver told police he was not on drugs and has no history of mental issues that might have caused this. He said he was moving a mound of dirt that he believed was part of the construction project he was working on.

So far the man has not been charged, though he did voluntarily give blood at the scene. The result of that blood work is not yet available.

Lt. Justin Whitwell said the department is still working this investigation.

“Right now we are trying to gather all the evidence,” Whitwell says.

News 2 has obtained body cam as Spring Hill police interview the 54-year-old bulldozer operator shortly after the incident

The driver tells police he thought he was supposed to move a mound of dirt on the property.

Police don’t buy it, questioning why he would drive through the family’s bushes, lawn, and driveway to do it.

Just prior to a field sobriety test, police ask the man if he is diabetic. He says he is not.

But after a nystagmus field sobriety test that uses indicators in the eyes to tell police if a subject might be impaired, Sgt. Kennedy tells the man he believes he is on something.

Sgt. Tim Kennedy: “Partner it is important that you are honest with me now. You know what the nystagmus test is?”

Driver: “Not sure.”

Sgt. Kennedy: “Nystagmus is the involuntary jerking of the eye. You can’t control that and when I take your eyes to the maximum deviation, you have a lot of Nystagmus.”

Driver: “I don’t even know what that word is.”

Sgt. Kennedy: “It tells me you are on something.”

Driver: “What am I on? Nothing.”

Sgt. Kennedy: “You be willing to take a blood test?”

Driver: “Yeah. I don’t have nothing. I had my coffee this morning.”

Sgt. Kennedy: “Coffee won’t affect your eyes like that.”

News 2 asked Lt. Whitwell what charges the driver could be facing.

“Right now it is yet to be determined. We want to make sure we cross our T’s and dot our I’s before we assess the charges,” Whitwell says.

At this point, the family says it doesn’t know what it will cost to fix the home. Meanwhile, the man is free pending toxicology.

At the scene, his co-workers seemed shocked, telling police there is no explanation for why the man drove his bulldozer from the construction site to the family’s home.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, though family members say the children are afraid to sleep upstairs thinking the home is no longer sturdy.

Family members say they had a structural engineer look at the house and it appears to be structurally sound.

A check into the driver’s criminal history with the TBI reveals he has no arrest record in the state of Tennessee.

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