Charges dropped, questions still remain in case of arrested Dickson deputy

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DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – An off-duty Dickson County deputy wrongly arrested by Dickson police last month questions why he was locked up in the first place. 

A special prosecutor looked at the case late last week and dismissed the charges, but there are still many unanswered questions. 

News 2 obtained surveillance video from the Cookout restaurant on the morning of Apr.7 around 2:30 a.m. 

Multiple cameras showed the drive-thru line and the parking lot outside the restaurant. 

The manager on duty that night says a man wearing a cowboy hat was at the heart of the problem when he parked at the drive-thru order kiosk and then had trouble ordering for almost 10 minutes.  

“He was very irritating when I asked him to move along, he wanted to yell back and forth, I didn’t understand what he said,” Cookout manager Jacob Capps said.  

Waiting two cars behind the man in the cowboy hat was off-duty Dickson County Sheriff’s deputy Hunter Anglin.  

Anglin was wearing a Predators jersey, having just come from the hockey game. On the video, you can see the 28-year-old deputy calmly approach the man in the cowboy hat, who has also stepped out of his car. 

Anglin admits he had been drinking that night but did not appear unsteady on his feet as he slowly walked forward in the drive-thru. 

The two men meet, and you can see the deputy extend his hand as if to shake hands. 

“Right there, he’s shaking his hand,” said Reese Holley, Anglin’s Attorney. “The man refuses to shake his hand and my understanding is that deputy Anglin is telling him to get back in his car and get your food and move on.” 

After no more than 15 seconds standing together, the video shows deputy Anglin calmly returning to his car and getting in the passenger seat. Holley says Anglin’s girlfriend was driving and she had not been drinking.  

Cookout manager Jacob Capps was on duty that night and remembers the man in the cowboy hat being disruptive.  

Capps says he heard a beep that he says came from the car directly behind the man wearing the cowboy hat. Minutes later, the parking lot is saturated with Dickson city cops.  

Capps says the man in the cowboy hat called 911 from the drive-thru line and told dispatchers that the man in the Predators jersey was making threats.  

News 2’s Andy cordon asked the manager this:” A video can be misleading, but it seems to me that the guy in the cowboy hat was the most animated and causing the most distress to you? 

To which Capps responded, “yeah absolutely.” 

After a few minutes of talking to all parties, Dickson cops placed Anglin in cuffs.  

Again, Anglin meandered through the parking lot and got into the squad car. He did not need assistance, nor did he look impaired on the surveillance cameras which were a good distance from where the action is taking place. 

Hunter Anglin and his attorney Reese Holley both said the Dickson police initially arrested Anglin for public intoxication and assault, but the magistrate wouldn’t sign off on the assault charges, so Anglin was only booked on public intoxication. 

When asked if he saw any type of physical confrontation, Capps said, “I didn’t see any physical altercation whatsoever.” 

Attorney Holley says the video speaks for itself. He says that Anglin wanted the video released to the public because he has nothing to hide and wants the truth exposed as to what really happened that night. 

According to the arrest affidavit, Sgt. Eric Chandler writes that Hunter Anglin had a strong smell of alcohol coming from his person. After speaking to all parties, the Sergeant wrote he arrested the 28-year-old deputy because of his level of intoxication and being involved in a disturbance. 

“I didn’t see any reason, he was not publicly intoxicated, he was not driving, or out acting a fool on my property,” said Capps.  

News 2 attempted to get a comment from both the city police department and Chris Norman, the administrative assistant for the City of Dickson. Both parties said they had no comment.  

The attorney representing Anglin says the deputy is contemplating a civil suit against the City of Dickson.  

Shortly after his arrest, Anglin issued this statement to News 2: 

There are two sides to every story, I have retained an attorney for the criminal case and civil lawsuit that will follow. I was falsely placed under arrest by the City of Dickson Police Department. I am all about full transparency, I confronted a male at the Cookout, because he was out of his vehicle yelling in the drive-thru, I told the responding officer that I had a sober driver, because I had been drinking at the Predators game, but I was attempting to do the right thing and stop an altercation. The city police officer initially placed me under arrest for assault, which didn’t stick, so he went for public intoxication, due to my admission of drinking. The charging officer and the magistrate signing the affidavit are first cousins. 

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