Cell phones in school: What’s allowed in your child’s district?

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Most schools in Middle Tennessee allow students to have cell phones on campus, but the rules vary from district to district and in some cases, school to school. 

Metro Nashville Public Schools allows students to have cell phones on campus. According to the district’s policies and procedures, high school students can use their cell phones during lunch and in transition times.  

They generally can’t have them out in class. Elementary and middle school students “may possess a cellular telephone or other personal technology on school property. Use of such technology will be at the discretion of the building administrator. If the building administrator elects to allow modified use of personal technology, plans must be submitted to the appropriate tier-level Associate Superintendent or Executive Director for approval.” 

Consequences for abusing the policy range from the cell phone being confiscated to in-school suspension.  

In Wilson County, students can have cell phones but only when their teacher says it’s ok. The district’s policy says a first offense will result in the confiscation of the phone. 

The second offense will result in the phone being confiscated and one day of in-school suspension (ISS). The phone will only be released to the student’s parent.  

A third violation of the policy will result in the student losing their phone for 10 school days and three days of ISS.  If a student refuses to hand over their phone, they automatically get out of school suspension for five days. 

Rutherford County students can have a cell phone if it’s turned off and kept out of sight. The district policy says, “a person who discovers a student using, accessing, or displaying a personal communication device in violation of this policy shall report the violation to the principal. The device will be confiscated. Any student who possesses a personal communication device in violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action.”

In Dickson County, “Students in grades K through 12 may possess personal communication devices, such as cell phones, while on school property. However, the device must be in the off mode and must be kept in a backpack, pocket, purse or similar personal carry-all and may not be used during school hours.”

Sumner County students may have cell phones on campus, but like many other districts, they may not be used during school hours unless a teacher or principal gives special permission.

Before sending your child to school, take the time to go over your child’s school’s cell phone policy to avoid any confusion.  

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