HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A day on the lake turned into a day in the shop after a Hendersonville man said his catalytic converter was stolen in broad daylight while he was out fishing.

“Emotion would be rage, sad, a little bit of everything,” Phillip Arrington said.

Phillip Arrington said he goes fishing at Rockland Park in Hendersonville about once a week. However, he was in for an unwelcome surprise when he returned to his vehicle Monday.

“I knew immediately my catalytic converter had been stolen. It makes a distinct noise it is louder than normal,” Phillip Arrington said.  

Owner of Inglewood Muffler and Hitch, Gary Hendricks, said he sees about 10-15 customers a day with a stolen catalytic converter.

“In the month of July, I think we’ve done 112 vehicles with a stolen catalytic converter. I’ve been in business 31 years, and when I first came in business, this was never an issue,” Gary Hendricks said.

Hendersonville police said it has become a trend across Middle Tennessee as the catalytic converter can be cut off in just a few minutes.

“They just have to make two cuts typically. And then they will take it and sell it and get anywhere from $50 to $350,” said Lt. Jimmy Garrett with the Hendersonville Police Department.

“My message for people that stole my catalytic converter is — get a job,” Arrington said.  

Phillip said he’s now out $1,000 for a replacement.  

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Hendersonville police said they have been cracking down on these crimes during traffic stops as a Tennessee state law requires someone to notify law enforcement if they are traveling with an unattached catalytic converter.