NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Rutherford County man and his family must wait longer for their chance at justice for their mother’s murder. Casey White confessed to the deadly stabbing before making headlines as the prisoner who escaped from an Alabama jail with the help of corrections officer Vicky White.

Casey White’s new attorney wants his client’s confession thrown out. A judge has agreed to hear oral arguments which means another delay in Connie Ridgeway’s murder trial.

It’s not the first time Ridgeway’s son, Austin Williams, has received similar words.

“The case has been pushed back pretty consistently ever since Covid,” Williams says.

Originally slated to begin on June 13, that changed when the duo escaped, leading investigators on a manhunt that stretched on for more than a week, spanning several states.

Casey White was serving a 75-year prison term following a 2015 multi-state crime spree. It was during that time he confessed to stabbing Ridgeway to death.

“He sent a letter to the sheriff’s department and asked to talk to him and he confessed,” Williams said. “So, I don’t feel like there was any coercion there. I would be shocked if Casey was not the guy and the confession was not real.”

Police say White’s statements matched certain evidence at the scene that was not released to the public.

“We just want it to go to trial just to get to the facts of the case because like, you know, how sweet and kind and genuine my mother was,” Williams asked. “How could anyone do this to her?”

Whether a jury will ever hear the details disclosed in the confession is yet to be seen. A hearing is set for December 2, which is 10 days before the trial is expected to begin.

The hearing will also include a change of venues request due to publicity generated by the escape and manhunt that followed.