ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) — Donuts, burnouts, screeching tires — all the noise from car stunts and racers took over Antioch again over the weekend. 

On Monday, the aftermath was still clear in parking lots from Bell Road to Hickory Hollow Parkway. Pieces of rubber and tire marks littered the parking lots around the former site of the Global Mall and the movie theater across the street, as well as the Antioch Home Depot. 

The continuous sound of screeching tires woke residents near Bell Road around 1 a.m. Sunday.

“Looked like about 50 cars sitting at Home Depot racing each other, smoke, throwing firecrackers at each other, screaming, hollering and it went on for probably a good, at least an hour anyways,” Jenny White told News 2. 

White, who lives nearby, says she has been hearing the chaos for about a year. 

“It’s got to stop. I’m ready to move,” she explained. 

White says she called police and no one showed as the racket continued. 

“They see ‘Fast and the Furious’ and they think they are living that life, and what they don’t realize is they are destroying people’s living, their homes, their peace of mind of where they live, so it’s aggravating,” stated White. 

The danger and quality-of-life cries to make the street racing and stunt performers stop are issues District 32 Councilwoman Joy Styles has been battling for years.

“Do not come here with your car show, your fast and furious version. We don’t want it, take it someplace else,” stated Styles. 

Styles saw it for herself over the weekend, saying there were more than 100 cars on the former Global Mall property that is privately owned and they are working to redevelop. 

“I would love to encourage all the idiots that think this is the right site and right time — go somewhere else, go to another county. This site isn’t for you, because I plan to call cops every time I see you,” Styles stated firmly. “For those people who feel like they need an outlet to blow off some steam, I suggest you go to a raceway. You can rent some time, you can go there and have a really good time. It is not for you to use private property for any of your shenanigans.”

She said she spent her weekend cleaning up the mess left behind from the gathering. 

“Milkshake containers, coke bottles, beer bottles, bags of fast food none of them were taken with them. So, after they came and they destroyed private property they then left all of their garbage which is amazingly ignorant and inconsiderate,” she said. 

The street racing issue is one of the reasons Styles has called for license plate readers in her district. 

Metro police launched a street racing initiative in 2020, an effort a spokesperson for the department told News 2 was no longer active earlier this year. However, Monday they told News 2 they activate the initiative as needed, saying they had intel on the meetups this weekend.

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They tell News 2 that two people were arrested from the calls this weekend — a juvenile for not having a license and another for reckless driving. 

Styles spoke with the owner of the property of the old mall site and suggested they have security present on the weekends to help deter the issue.