HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Hendersonville police arrested two men after an auto parts theft where business owners captured the entire incident on surveillance video.

Leobardo Herrera, 42, and Jesus Ramirez, 56, are charged with theft over $2,500 after investigators say they were able to get away with tires, wheels and center caps from Brian’s Motorsports on Saturday night. 

“This was very brazen, just pulling up, throwing property in a vehicle and taking off,” Hendersonville Police Department Commander Scott Ryan said. 

According to police, the two wasted no time and even began selling some of those parts by the time Hendersonville and Metro officers located them in Nashville.

“We were able to recover some of the property from residential settings. We also believe that some of the property to other shops in the Nashville area. We’re chasing those down now,” Commander Ryan said.  

Hendersonville police are crediting Brian’s Motorsports for getting surveillance video that helped them capture Herrera and Ramirez so quickly. 

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In the midst of inflation and high demand for car parts, investigators hope this sends a strong message to anyone considering stealing from an auto shop. 

“Whenever somebody comes up and they do something so causally, you know it’s not their first time doing it. It’s not going to be their last time either,” Commander Ryan said. “It’s not a victimless crime, we’re going to investigate it, and we’re going to put you in jail as quickly as we can whenever you come here and commit those crimes.” 

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Herrera and Ramirez are set to appear in court on September 28. In the meantime, if you have any information on this crime, you’re asked to reach out to Hendersonville Police.