SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) – Friends and family gathered in Smyrna on Saturday evening in memory of a man who was gunned down at a Smyrna gas station last month.

Nick Patterson, a gas station clerk at Twice Daily on Stonecrest Parkway, was shot and killed on August 30 during an attempted armed robbery.

Patterson was an employee at the gas station for nine years and was only 34 years old. Friends and family described Patterson as caring, helpful and loving.

“He was the exact person that you would want to see on your worst day, and he would notice and he would say something. He would pay for your coffee, or there was the one woman who said she was caught out in the snow,” said Brandon Jacobs, Pastor of Alive Nashville.

“Nick said, ‘Hey just hang out here, I’ll give you free coffee. Wait until the roads clear out a little bit,’ and it was always these little acts of kindness,” remembered Jacobs.

Dozens of customers showed up to Saturday night’s vigil to share stories with Nick’s mother, Debbie Patterson, about his kindness.

“It has given us so much strength and we’ve learned so much about the person that Nick was and these people are now our family,” Debbie said.

Cameron Taylor was one of Nick’s longtime customers.

“A lot of people in the community they have trouble paying for food and even if you didn’t have trouble paying for food he wanted to make sure everybody was always well fed,” Taylor said. “He was always there to help everybody and support them through whatever they were going through.”

One of Debbie’s last memories of her son was a recent family vacation they took to Hawaii. She said Nick paid for the trip.

“We have learned through so many people through this process that that’s what Nicholas was all about. And that’s what’s bringing this community of beautiful people together today. And we just want Nick’s light to shine bright in everyone forever,” Debbie said.

A day after the deadly shooting, Smyrna police arrested 31-year-old Keanthony Williams charging him with attempted aggravated robbery and first-degree murder in the shooting death of Patterson.

Officials believe Williams is also responsible for an armed robbery that occurred in Brentwood. In that incident, police say Williams pointed a gun at two people while robbing the store clerk of $300 and six packs of Newport cigarettes.

Last Thursday, a fundraiser was held for the beloved gas station clerk to help support his family. For every gallon of gas purchased, 50 cents went to support his family, something customers were glad to do.

According to Twice Daily, the “Fill up for Nick” fundraiser sold 14,000 gallons of fuel, three times more than the store’s average daily sales.

A candlelight vigil for Patterson will be held on September 17 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Carpe Cafe located at 115 Front Street.