WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — The rain was a welcomed sight this week, but Middle Tennessee is not totally in the clear. As of Friday night, several counties are still under burn bans as wildfires ignite across the area.

“Over the past, let’s see, about seven days, we have had 12 calls just in our jurisdiction alone, in the western part of the county, for brush fires or grass fires,” said Dinah Wade with the Williamson County Fire and Rescue Squad.

First responders in Williamson County have felt like they constantly need to be ready at a moment’s notice.

“Yes, very busy, especially for an all-volunteer fire department,” Wade added.

However, to get a real sense of what the Williamson County Fire and Rescue Squad has been dealing with, News 2 went on a ride-along with Wade to see what dangers on the ground could ignite a fire at any moment.

“We see some of these old tree stumps, we see the leaves that have fallen, the grass is obviously very dry. Also, I look at the hills, and because of all of the brush on the ground, it’s amazing how quickly a fire can spread up a hill,” Wade described. “They can still be very hot, they produce lots of smoke. It’s very physical, physically demanding, because you’re hiking up and down hills, often breathing in the smoke.”

Fires have been plaguing Middle Tennessee lately, causing burn bans and wildfires.

As of Friday, Nov. 10, six counties are under an active burn ban:

  • Franklin County
  • Grundy County
  • Morgan County
  • Rutherford County
  • Sequatchie County
  • Williamson County

While this week brought much-needed rain, it was quite enough to make a difference in the dry conditions.

“Because we are under drought conditions, it can take a lot of rain, for things to get back to normal. Also, because of all the leaves falling, that is another hazard, so we just urge folks not to burn anything right now,” said Wade.

Willaimson County Fire and Rescue responded to three back-to-back fire calls after the wet weather.

Crews are on standby throughout the weekend, but first responders still urge residents to check their local burn bans to prevent fire spreading.

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