Bredesen holds event at Nissan Stadium, speaks on migrant caravan

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For 20 years now, the Titans and Predators have competed on the biggest stages. 

Former governor and current Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen celebrated the achievement Saturday.  It was under Bredesen that the teams came to Nashville. 

Just days away from the election, Bredesen spoke on a number of issues, including the migrant caravan bound for the U.S. border. 

An attack ad by Bredesen’s opponent, Republican Marsha Blackburn, highlights Bredesen’s previous comments that the U.S. is the world’s strongest country and “a few thousand very poor people” aren’t a threat to our security.

“A caravan of a few thousand poor people without weapons, working their way slowly toward the southern border of the strongest country in the world, is not some huge national emergency like suddenly Russia decided to threaten us with nuclear weapons or something. Let’s just keep this stuff in context, let’s just handle it in a smart way,” said Bredesen. 

Republican Marsha Blackburn will hold an event Sunday and News 2 will be there as well. 

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