UNIONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A quick stop for a breakfast biscuit led to a Unionville woman taking home a $1 million prize. 

Tara Walls says she usually plays a Tennessee Lottery game in the car on the way to work with her husband. However, during this morning commute, Tara got to enjoy a tasty treat alongside a big win! 

Last week, the Unionville woman purchased a Blowout instant ticket worth $1 million after stopping to purchase a breakfast biscuit at the Three Corners Market located at 1011 Longview Road. 

“I was yelling and carrying on,” said Tara who operates a construction company with her husband, “We had to send a photo of the ticket to show our kids because they didn’t believe me.” 

Tara says she’s not only grateful for the big prize but also tremendously thankful for the Tennessee Lottery for helping fund part of her daughter’s education at Motlow State through its lottery-funded program.