NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Goodlettsville family was frightened to death after men in tactical gear with flashlights and radios climbed over their back yard fence and banged on the couple’s door.

Goodlettsville police are now investigating whether bounty hunters showed up at the wrong house looking for a suspect who was already in jail.

It happened Friday, November 4th just after 11 p.m.

The woman, who prefers not reveal her name said, “I heard a loud banging on the front door.”

The Goodlettsville woman said she and her husband were startled awake.

“It kept getting louder and louder.”

She shared surveillance video of two men with tactical vests and flashlights at their front door.

“We were in shock, not sure what to think.”

More cameras captured two other men sneaking around the back yard.

“I have a heart problem; I was shaking like a leaf, not sure what was going on.”

The woman described the men as wearing SWAT uniforms, and she believed them to be police.

She said they didn’t immediately identify themselves and only asked for a man named Patrick Malone.

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According to the woman, her husband has owned this house for 20 years, and she said the man the bounty hunters were calling for is nobody she knows and nobody that has ever lived here.

The woman said when she finally got up the nerve to answer the door, the conversation went like this:

Bounty hunter: We are here for Patrick Malone.

Woman: I don’t know who you are talking about.

Bounty hunter: Well, if Patrick Malone is in there, he needs to come out.

Woman: We don’t know Patrick Malone. How did you get this house?

Bounty hunter: Research.

Woman: Your research is wrong.

She said the man eventually flashed a badge and ID, neither of which she could see in the dark conditions.

There was no audio from the front camera, but in the rear, you could hear the two men. One was dressed in a tactical vest and appeared to be holding a weapon at his hip.

The second man was wearing a sweat shirt and carrying a flashlight.

At one point one of them screamed he was a bail bonds agent. “Bail bonds, Malone if you are in there, come out.”

The two in the back were making a racket when climbing the fence. The sound of metal banging could be heard loudly on the video. You could also hear them questioning if they had the right house.

“Which house is it? This it. This is it? This house? Yeah, this is it.”

The woman told News 2 she called Goodlettsville police who then sent officers to the house. When they arrived, the bounty hunters were gone.

Goodlettsville police told News 2 they have stepped up patrols and are actively investigating.

Meanwhile, police also confirmed they discovered the name of the company that hired the bounty hunters. Investigators added, it’s become clear they went to the wrong home seeking a man who was already in the Metro jail for evading arrest and failure to appear.

The woman said, “The least they do is owe us an apology.”

Goodlettsville police said they’re also working to find out if the men registered with the proper authorities prior to executing their warrant.

At this hour, GPD said MNPD is not showing a call from the bonding agency, but other investigative means show a 10 minute call to Metro PD on the day in question.

A high ranking officer told News 2, “It appears he did call and for some reason Metro never put in the CAD.”

Meanwhile the homeowner told News 2 the couple is considering trespassing charges against the men since she has a private property sign in her yard and no trespassing signs in the back yard, and the men were clearly in her car port on the other side of her fence.