NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Emergency crews rescued 12 people from boats in frigid conditions Wednesday night after the roof of a boat dock collapsed in Old Hickory.

Both the Nashville Fire Department and Office of Emergency Management responded to the Blue Turtle Bay Marina in the 2000 block of Riverside Road. Callers to 911 reported the roof of the boat dock collapsed on top of multiple houseboats with people inside.

Conditions were too icy to reach the boat dock by foot, so crews deployed rescue boats to transport people.

“Boat 22 and Boat 36 have been launched and will be en route. Additional connector boats are also being launched,” Kendra Loney with the Nashville Fire Department said in an email. 

The dock that collapsed was about 100 yards long. The Nashville Fire Department said the docks are designed to move along with the water but the ice and snow jammed this one up, caused it to sink and eventually collapse.

Caroline Chaney, a witness on the scene, told News 2 several people appeared to be taken off houseboats and were being transported by rescue boats. She said approximately 14 boats are currently docked at the marina.