NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The teenagers who organized recent protests attended by thousands hosted another one Saturday, also attended by thousands.

The group ‘Teens 4 Equality’ hosted a Black Lives Matter rally at the Bicentennial Capitol Mall at 4:00 p.m. and they said it’s intentionally being held on the Fourth of July.

“We felt like in our country’s current state it’s not in a state that we should be celebrating. Right now, it’s just so divided and it makes me think about what are we celebrating? Because we say that 4th of July is Independence Day but it wasn’t independence day for everyone,” said organizer Emma Rose Smith. “We want to see a lot of reform within the police department and we have a lot of ideas that we want to come from that. We also want to have a sit-down with Governor Bill Lee and the people at the plaza because that’s what they deserve. They’ve been camping there for weeks and he has not done anything for them.”

She said they were also be calling for people to be more accepting of different cultures.

“We’re going to have flags from every culture,” Smith said. “We want people to know we need to embrace everyone in this country and Independence Day was not Independence Day exactly so just fighting for police brutality, fighting for people, fighting for people’s rights.”

The group started at the Bicentennial Capitol Mall before going to Legislative Plaza for a memorial for people killed by what they call police brutality.

Smith said they had thousands of face masks to hand out and encouraged people to practice social distancing.

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