DAVIDSON CO., Tenn. (WKRN) — A proposed 44-acre project in Bellevue is set to expand and conserve Nashville’s rapidly disappearing greenspace, while investing millions of dollars in infrastructure.

The development site is located across the Harpeth River from Coley Davis Road, adjacent to Bellevue Park.

The developer has revealed plans for numerous public amenities that would preserve greenspace, expand greenways, and ultimately benefit the greater community in addition to addressing Nashville’s ongoing housing shortage – at the developers expense.

“They’ll be between seven and eight million dollars invested in just infrastructure. Thats going to help us link to our existing greenway and everyone on CSX side,” said Alan Thompson, land planner for Reagan Smith and Associates. “It helps them link to the soccer fields and the retail center.”

It will add more than 250 trees and 20 acres of the currently isolated 51-acre Bellevue Park. There will also be construction of a new vehicle bridge that will go over the Harpeth River, which will then lead to the expansion of the greenway and add a bike tunnel under the CSX railway. These changes will eventually connect Coley Davis to Edwin Warner Park.

“It also gives us another housing option in the Bellevue community and that’s a big thing,” said Thompson.

A big part of the project, a 417-unit luxury apartment.

“If you have a developer that’s going to come in and invest in your community so our tax dollars don’t have to – to me that’s a win. And it’s a win for him too, because he’s going to have a premier development next to 70 acres of park with access to a greenway,” said Thompson.

He added that it’s also only two turns from the Interstate, across from a theatre as well as restaurants.

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It’s a big investment in a community that only continues to change and grow.

However, this proposal still has a long way to go to be approved. The developer hopes to get the plans to the Metro Planning Commission sometime in July.