UNIONVILLE Tenn. (WKRN) — No one is more excited to be laboring on Labor Day than Roscoe Williams.

“It just feels great being back and serving the community,” he said.

Morning Glory Donuts in Unionville is the dream Roscoe manifested back in January, but the place he loves so much was almost taken away from him.

In early June, Morning Glory Donuts turned into a heap of rubble after an alleged DUI driver crashed into the shop.

“Seems like I think about it every day,” said Roscoe. “So, God must have something in store for my life.”

After two months of repairs, Roscoe’s shop finally reopened.

“Now that they’re back first thing we’re doing is coming up here getting a couple dozen donuts to help get them back into business,” said customer, Jennifer Tate.

The community’s support was something Roscoe and his wife LaWanda were not prepared for.

“They are glad that we reopened,” said LaWanda. “It was just wonderful, and it’s a really good feeling to know that people really appreciate what you do.”

“It seems like I’ve never had someone care about me so much, and it’s a good feeling to be appreciated and to be needed,” said Roscoe.

For 35 years, Roscoe’s perfected the craft of making donuts, and after being forced to take a quick hiatus, he couldn’t imagine not sharing his passion with a community that’s happy to receive it.

“I’m glad that I’m needed as much as I need them,” he said.

Roscoe says they officially reopened Saturday, September 3, and sold over 300 pounds of donuts to customers.

Robert Leth was the man charged with a DUI for crashing into the shop.

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His next hearing is set for October 13 in Bedford County.