NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There’s no doubt it’s been a rough year for potholes, and crews from both the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and Metro Public Works have been working feverishly to catch up.

So far, just on Metro Nashville streets crews have repaired 21,291 potholes. That compares to 14,990 from last year.

Courtesy of Metro Public Works

Metro Public Works is running four crews five days a week to repair potholes on metro roads, and of course this is all weather-related.

“They’re still out there,” explained William Jenkins, Metro Pothole Crew Foreman. “See, what happens is when we get a whole lot of rain, they come back, and then we have to go all back over them again.”

TDOT, which takes care of interstates and state roads, has seen a similar increase, and they say that this year’s winter took a toll on their roads.

“This year we had that big whopper of a storm back in February,” explained Kathryn Schulte, Public Information Officer for TDOT. “That was just relentless cold and moisture, snow, ice, everything. And so really, our roads took quite a beating, especially some of these roads like Lebanon Road that are due to be re-surfaced in the next two years. They already have a lot of cracks. They have a lot of places where water can get in and freeze and create these potholes, and that’s what happened.”

“A lot of our re-surfacing projects, if the road has more than two lanes, we do those at night to try to avoid traffic impact,” Schulte said. “But those are going to be the projects that are already scheduled, but we also have a crew called ‘Floating Maintenence’ and they’re going around and doing some of these in-place re-surfacings, and that’s what’s being done on some areas of Lebanon Road.

Both TDOT and Metro Public Works want you to continue to report potholes to them via their websites.

For interstates and state roads go to TDOT’s Pothole Repair page.

For Nashville Metro streets, go to Metro Public Works’ Hub Nashville site or call 311.