NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, bachelorette parties remain big business in Music City.

The creators of a popular party planning app told News 2 Nashville is their most popular destination for bachelorette parties, which could play a pivotal role in the city’s economic comeback.

Bachelorette parties are back in full swing along Broadway. The “Bach” app helps groups coordinate bachelor or bachelorette parties across the country, connecting everyone going on the trip and creating itinerary while tracking expenses.

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(Courtesy: Bach)

Co-Founder and CRO Greg Ramey said he saw a major demand within the app for party-goers traveling to Nashville.

“We surveyed everyone and asked where they were going and I think 49% were going to Nashville, Vegas or Miami, Vegas and Miami made a lot of sense, at the time I had never been to Nashville… Nashville is now our #1 destination,” said Ramey.

Music City is in high demand because it has many hotels and short-term rentals, all easily-accessible within an eight hour drive for most of the country.

And obviously Broadway is the premiere destination for bachelorette parties, which helps boost the bottom line for businesses throughout downtown Nashville.

“Broadway is its own machine, I think we’re really making a significant impact in local businesses that are whether they are legacy businesses or new ones, if our groups have an appetite for that, I think it’s pretty significant,” said Ramey.

Beside the stigma surrounding bachelorette parties in Music City, Ramey said “Bach” is working to embed itself in the community.

“I would say that there is an obvious stigma around bachelorette parties, there is the “woo girls,” and it’s so easy to categorize in one category. I would say our groups are bringing significant economic impact whether it’s in hotels, restaurants, or Broadway as a whole,” said Ramey.

More groups are participating in various activities while helping the local hospitality industry, according to Ramey.

“I think there is a Nashville for everyone, there are groups that work with Bach that do Broadway and do transpotainment and everything people notice bachelorette parties, and there are also people that are, in droves, a real number of people who are going there for health and wellness and doing things outside and going to the neighboring lakes,” explained Ramey.

Ramey added Nashville lifting restrictions sooner than other cities has boosted interest.

“Tennessee as a whole has been more open to tourism than others so places like Nashville, Scottsdale, Miami have been really thriving throughout this. I would say the uptick is about to be monumental,” said Ramey.

Ramey said “Bach” found bachelor and bachelorette party-goers spend as much as six times more throughout the year than attendees of CMA Fest.

“Nashville is our #1 destination, I never would have guessed that. Las Vegas has claimed the throne but they don’t actually own it. It’s Nashville.”