SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) —The book “A Place Inside of Me” became a hot topic in Sumner County last fall.

An elementary school parent requested the book be banned from schools, leading to a huge debate.

“When a single parent who doesn’t want their child to read the book, then wants no child to read the book, that’s when it becomes serious,” said author Zetta Elliott.

Discussion of banning the book was brought up to the Sumner County School Board who ultimately decided to keep the book on school shelves.

“One line that just stuck out to me was she said, ‘Whatever happened to children’s books about chickens?'” said Elliott. “And I just thought, children’s books about chickens?”

But once Elliott heard that question from the parent who opposed her book, she decided to answer it.

“I thought, you know, what if you want a chicken book? I can write a chicken book,” she said.

Her new book inspired from this event is called “Chicken Wonders Why”.

“It’s about each animal having a turn to tell their story their way, and then chicken working up the nerve to take center stage herself,” said Elliott.

Holly Cruz, the vice chair of Right to Read Sumner, was one of many parents fighting to keep Elliott’s book in schools.

“I sincerely worry about our public libraries closing,” she said.

Her concern has intensified after more books have been challenged, and now the Sumner County Library Board is meeting next week to discuss dissolving the library system.

“I think some of our smaller cities are not going to be able to absorb that budget, and will then result in a public library potentially closing,” said Cruz.

As Cruz and other parents prepare for their next hurdle, Elliott hopes these conversations and her new book will encourage a place of inclusion.

“Magic is for everyone,” she said. “There’s a place for everyone in the realm of the imaginary, just like there’s a place for everyone in our real world.”

Elliott said her book will officially be released next week; she plans to donate 50 copies to different groups across Sumner County.

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The Sumner County Library Board’s special meeting to discuss dissolving the library system will be held Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 3:30 p.m.

News 2 reached out to the county mayor for comment on the agenda, but has yet to hear back.

Library Board Member Joanna Daniels did reach out to News 2, saying the board is not getting rid of books or libraries, but plans to have a discussion about dissolving library services and procedures from the county.