Antioch Middle School students discuss impact of bullying on others

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ANTIOCH, Tenn. – On Tuesday 65 middle school students got to spend the day out of classes discussing how bullying affects others.

“Everybody was doing it and I just joined in,” seventh-grade student Joseph Jaden said.

Jaden confessed he called a classmate names until he cried. But once he saw the emotion his words brought out of the student, he learned his lesson.

“It made me feel bad and made me rethink what I should do next time,” Jaden said.

Students were nominated by faculty to participate in the day-long workshop because of their involvement in bullying events. Other students like Athasia Joyner say she’s been bullied in the past.

“It did make me feel pretty upset. Like really upset to where the moment I get home I’d be in a bad mood,” Joyner said.

Antioch Middle School Counselor Shauna Beene got emotional from watching one of the educational videos on Tuesday. Beene says cyberbullying is what she sees most often between students.

“I see that all the time, people come to school every day with all types of issues. They get made fun of, they get talked about, they get picked on. and people don’t know what they’re coming to school and what they’re dealing with and so it just makes me sad,” Beene said.

Beene said it may be a good idea to have faculty go through this training together. She explains it was beneficial to hear how students are bullying through new slang words and where they’re conducting the malicious behavior.

A bullying workshop for parents is scheduled at Antioch Middle on January 23.

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