ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch family says they are relying on luck to stay alive after a bullet hole was found in their wall. They showed News 2 video surveillance showing multiple shootings outside of their home, the latest blocked by their daughter’s bedroom wall.

Now, that bullet has sparked a conversation on whether or not they should pick up and leave the area.

“I was laying in the bed, and I just hear something like a boom. I thought it was a lightbulb shattering, a big lightbulb,” described Brenda Calderon.

That shattered lightbulb ended up being something much smaller and deadlier. Calderon quickly saw a bullet hole through her bedroom wall.

“It came through here, you can see the outside, and then through the closet,” said Calderon. “The thing is, even if they are just shooting in the air, the bullets have to land somewhere.”

Calderon explained this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Over the past 10 months, there have been several incidents where gunfire was caught on their surveillance cameras. Most of the time, you could hear multiple shots being fired in a matter of seconds.

“Every night it happens, or every other night at least it happened. It happens so much, I don’t even call the police anymore,” said Calderon.

The latest data provided by the Metro Nashville Police Department reveals violent offenses in the South Nashville area are up, and it’s been increasing since 2017. The recent crimes have created a conversation on whether or not to stay in their home.

“It’s definitely unnerving, but unfortunately for our community, it’s becoming the norm,” said Metro Councilmember Tanaka Vercher back in May after a violent weekend spanned across Middle Tennessee, including the South Nashville area.

Councilmembers have long since been working to clean up the crime.

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News 2 reached out to Metro Police, who say right now, the bullet inside of the Calderon home remains there, because of how deeply wedged it is in the wall.