ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) —- After 50 years in business, a local barber salon is being forced to move from its home in Antioch. 

The owner said now they’re scrambling to find a new space, and with the holiday season amongst us, the owner said it’s nearly impossible.  

“Mr. B is the original owner of the shop he opened up back in 1972,” Ron Ward said.  

When you walk into Mr. B’s Barber Salon, it feels like memory lane.  

“Most of the things you see on the walls were what was on the walls when the shop opened,” Ward said.  

Mr. B passed away four years ago and left the shop to Ward. 

“I have some of his original clients, they bring their kids and their grandkids in. It is a livelihood,” Ward said.  

But now, uncertainty lies ahead. 

“’This letter is being sent to you to inform you that your month-to-month lease is hereby terminated,'” Ward read to note aloud. “And it said pretty much get out in 30 days. As they walked out the door they were like ‘Merry Christmas.'”

Ward said currently the shop next door is vacant. 

“They said they were going to put a vape store in and that was the information I was given and they said the people that wanted the area wanted mine so they could have the window for display,” Ward said.  

He said he would hate to see the 700-square-foot shop turn into anything other than Mr. B’s. 

“It’s really aggravating, it’s upsetting, and it kind of lets you down,” Ward said.  

With time running out, he said memories may be all that remain as they search for a new space.

“And that is with getting everything moved to a new place if we can find one, contacting all of our clientele. And it just more feels like a big company coming over a small man,” Ward said.

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News 2 attempted to reach out to the property company, but we were unable to connect with anyone before this article was published.