‘Angels’ save South Nashville family of 3 from floodwaters

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A South Nashville family of three says angels were sent to them Sunday as they narrowly escaped the floodwaters. 

Kelly Vaughn and her 3-year-old were seeking shelter in their attic as the waters quickly started to rise around midnight. Her husband Cayce saw some neighbors walking down the street and decided they should try to get out. 

“The water was rising so fast that I thought it could get high enough that it could get to our attic,” Cayce explained. 

They waded through water downstairs in their home to find the power of the water was pinning the screen door shut. Kelly had a tool and was able to break the glass so her family could escape. 

“As soon as we hit the driveway I mean I got swept across the driveway and Cayce holds of the Armada windshield wiper and grabs ahold of me and Oliver because we were going,” said Kelly. 

It’s an image that still haunts the father. 

“Seeing their faces as they are drifting away from me was horrifying.”

Cayce gripped their car’s windshield wiper and grasped hold of his wife and toddler by a backpack strap. With the water above their waist and 3-year-old Oliver strapped to his mom in a carrier, the family held on for life waving a flashlight in the dark hoping someone would see them. 

“They can’t see us, they can’t hear us, you can barely hear each other with the amount of rain and wind and I start praying to God to please help us right now because I didn’t see a way out of it,” Kelly stated. 

That’s when she says a couple of guys in a truck appeared out of nowhere, one with a rope pulling them to safety.

“We get to the street and I thank him and he said God sent me here and I said I literally was just praying for you to help and I hugged him even more.” 

The Vaughns lost most everything, but not what matters most, their family. Friday their hearts were full with thanks to those strangers that they say God sent. 

“The angels that came, that’s all I can describe them as. How can you repay somebody that saved your life? You can’t, but we are eternally grateful for him,” she teared up. 

The family says they are blessed with love and support that continues coming in as they now gut their home and start over.  A Gofundme account has been set up to help.

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