CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — After a man overdosed and died, Cheatham County drug agents arrested his alleged drug dealer, charging him with murder.

Investigators said the victim, Samuel Lapenna, died last April of a drug overdose involving morphine pills.

On January 5, Cheatham County drug agents, armed with a grand jury indictment, arrested Zachary Thomas Malone — the alleged dealer who reportedly sold Lapenna the lethal dose.

Bodycam video showed the takedown as agents, guns drawn, take down the 36-year-old without incident.

“We have an indictment, a capias bench warrant, for 2nd-degree murder for your arrest,” one agent told Malone at the scene.

Malone declined to comment.

Cheatham County Sheriff Lt. Shannon Heflin told News 2, Malone has been in and out of the prison system, and he is a “career criminal and doesn’t belong on the streets.”

When drug agents raided Malone’s home, they found a vial of pills tainted with fentanyl. Investigators say the pills at Malone’s home matched those found at the crime involving the overdose.

Lt. Heflin said his department works tirelessly on these cases to help bring closure to the victim’s families.

“The victims all have family. It’s our job to try and get answers for the family and if we can get justice,” Lt. Heflin said. “We want this to be a message to drug dealers. If you are selling Fentanyl and if you buy heroin, and about 98% of all heroin now contains fentanyl, and it causes death and we can prove you are the drug dealer who sold it, we will come after you for second-degree murder.”

Malone is in the Cheatham County jail under a $100,000 bond.

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Malone is also charged with multiple felonies in Montgomery County including with possession for resale.