ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Ashland City police arrested a man they call a serial shoplifter, who has now been banned from all Walmarts across the nation.

Eddie Campbell is charged with 22 counts of shoplifting, and Ashland City police say all his charges took place at the Ashland City Walmart during a three-month crime spree, from February 11 through May 4.

Thursday, the 29-year-old Ashland City man spoke to News 2 from the Cheatham County Jail.

Andy Cordan: “So many shoplifting counts, 22. What do you have to say about it?”

Eddie Campbell: “Not much.”

Cordan: “You did it right?”

Campbell: “Yeah.”

Campbell is charged with 37 warrants, all misdemeanors. Fifteen are for driving on a revoked license. Twenty-two are for shoplifting.

According to the warrants, Campbell stole more than $1,100 worth of items over the 22 counts.

News 2 obtained police video from May 16 as police found alleged serial shoplifter Eddie Campbell pushing his buggy through the Ashland City Walmart.

Officer: “Hi buddy, what’s your name?”

Campbell: “Eddie Campbell.”

Officer: “Walk up here and talk to me?”

Campbell: “Sure.”

According to arrest warrants, Campbell stole a collectible known as Magic: The Gathering cards. According to the documents, the 22 thefts of the Magic: The Gathering cards totaled more than $1,100.

Cordan: “Why magic cards?”

Campbell: “I don’t know.”

Cordan: “What are magic cards?”

Campbell: “A card game.”

Cordan: “So, is it just collectibles, like Pokemon?”

Campbell: “Yeah.”

Cordan: “So, you are into that.”

Campbell: “Yeah.”

Ashland City police say Campbell used a bar code from a $1.50 disposable razor at the self-checkout counter to scan the lesser-priced item and allegedly steal the more expensive cards.

“I would tell you this. Ashland City is a small town, but don’t think you can come to Walmart and steal and get away with it,” said Officer Devin Mabry.

Before going to the Cheatham County jail, Campbell signed a document that prohibits him from ever stepping foot in a Walmart again. If he is caught stealing from any Walmart, officials say he could now be charged with felony burglary.

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Campbell is in jail under a $37,000 bond. That’s 1,000 for each of his 37 charges.