HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Sumner County authorities executed a drug raid at a lake house in an exclusive Hendersonville neighborhood after multiple complaints to law officers.

The raid went down Thursday morning around 5 a.m., as members of the 18th Joint Drug Task Force, assisted by the Hendersonville Police Department and Gallatin Police Department executed a search warrant at an exclusive home on the lake.

According to undercover agents, drug deals allegedly were going down almost up to the time that agents hit the door.

By dawn’s light, officers had 39-year-old Daniel Bills in cuffs. According to agents, Bills was a mid-level dealer in the Hendersonville area, allegedly moving six to seven ounces of meth per week.

Also taken into custody was Bills’ girlfriend, 32-year-old Hillary West, who agents said admitted her involvement in the alleged drug operation.

“She was pretty forthcoming in stating she assisted him and also sold meth. Their narcotics sales were all day long, from 9 and 10 at night until 4 a.m.,” one agent said.

Investigators told News 2, that Daniel Bills is an ex-con, guilty of theft and burglary, and currently out of prison on probation.

“He is still living the criminal lifestyle,” agents with the 18th JDTF said.

A search of the lake home owned by Bills’ elderly, infirmed mother revealed a lot of contraband that included, 108 grams of meth, magic mushrooms, ecstasy pills and other pills and cash.

Neighbors reportedly applauded at dawn’s first light when they saw police arresting the couple and taking them to jail.

Next-door neighbor Randy Leath confirmed to News 2 that cars were coming to the home for very short periods of time at all hours of the day and night.

“It’s been a problem ever since I’ve been here and I’ve been here for 16 years, and it’s been ongoing for 16 years,” Leath said. “The police come and get them and take them and put them in jail, and they get bailed out and come back and start all over again.”

Daniel Bills is currently in the Sumner County Jail. Agents say there’s a strong possibility this latest arrest will revoke probation, sending him back to prison.

Agents say he mentioned that he thought about getting out of the drug life, and he is now concerned that nobody will take care of his infirmed mother.

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Both Bills and West are charged with the resale of meth and drug paraphernalia under a $100,000 bond. More charges are expected.