WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Middle Tennessee is no stranger to severe weather and Wilson County saw its fair share this year. 

From flooding in March to a tornado outbreak in December, it’s been a busy year. More severe weather is in the forecast just in time to ring in the New Year, and residents and business owners alike are hoping that Wilson County gets a break.

Varsha was at home in the Willoughby Station neighborhood in Mt. Juliet when a tornado hit. And with more severe weather possible this week, she says she is nervous.

“I’m nervous. I’m nervous, especially for the people who lost a lot more than we did,” she said.

Varsha’s home didn’t have as much damage as other properties in the neighborhood, but she says there were plenty of volunteers ready to help soon after the tornado lifted.

“I feel the whole world isn’t getting a break. You know, on top of the pandemic and everything plus this, it’s a lot. But the one thing that I know, especially from previous years, with the huge tornado that came through and took out West Wilson and all the Triple Crown, and so on and so forth, is that we’ve got a really strong community here,” she said.

Significant flooding also impacted the Mt. Juliet area in March of this year. Tyler Nguyen of Luxury Nails in the Valley Center Shopping Mall says that while FEMA didn’t offer help, the community stepped in soon after they opened to help the business out.

“We had seen some of the clients that they never been here before. When they watch the news and they see the business, yet a factor they came in to support us…we really appreciate that,” said Nguyen.

For many in Wilson County, staying strong as a community is important.