NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Adventure Science Center is opening its first new exhibit in nearly a decade.

Soundbox includes 14 new experiences, like the opportunity to build and design music, play instruments and even virtually conduct the Nashville Symphony.

“Whether you’re approaching it from the lens of you’re curious about music and creativity or you’re approaching it from science and technology, you don’t have an extensive background in any one of those things. This is the place where you get to come learn and explore,” said Adventure Science Center President and CEO Steve Hinkley.

Features of the exhibit include:

  • Create your own tracks in Music Matrix, where you can see your notes and beats on a glowing wall.
  • Conduct the Nashville Symphony and try to hit the right BPM by using gestures in Virtual Conductor – it’s a workout!
  • Join your friends to mix a musical composition and adjust the volume of four different instruments with your height in Human Soundboard.
  • AiR Instruments let’s you and your friends rock out using instruments that are invisible – until you look at our augmented reality screen!
  • Experience the amazing power of audio technology, including surround sound and directionality, in our Listening Studio.
  • Create unique tones by walking through Dot Music with your friends – each height will make a different note.
  • Be mesmerized by Ripple Reflections – a visual representation of sound waves.
  • Explore Kundt’s Tube Organ to see which notes played on the piano create the best standing waves.
  • Speaking of Standing Wave – adjust a strobe light on our upright bass to see the vibrations of the string that create sound.
  • See a fun representation of your own voice in Vocal Visualizer.
  • Scan your fingerprint and create a musical composition that is 100% unique to you in Fingerprint Music.
  • Use Effects Lab to distort your own voice and hear the results of different audio effects.
  • Experience the effect of musical compositions on our visual and emotional perception in Emotion Mixer.
  • Watch MRI Music Singer to see what the human body looks like during a vocal performance.
  • Test your vocal chops and sing along to some of your favorite songs in the Vocal Studio.
Adventure Science Center Soundbox
(Photo: WKRN)

The exhibit incorporates the stories of real industry professionals throughout so you can discover and learn more career paths in the music industry.

Soudbox opens to the public Monday.

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Adventure Science Center Soundbox
(Photo: WKRN)