NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Memorial Day weekend is officially here.

While many travelers are flying the friendly skies, others are roundtripping to their holiday destinations; AAA wants to make sure everyone arrives safely.

New AAA numbers show nearly 800,000 Tennesseans plan to get out on the roadways and travel more than 50 miles, but experts predict thousands of those drivers will experience car trouble. The agency expects to rescue more than 400,000 drivers across the country over the weekend; the most common reasons stem from lockouts, dead batteries, and flat tires.

However, officials said there are steps you can take to limit your chances of needing roadside assistance.

First, make sure to pay attention to your breaks. You should not hear any grinding noises or feel any vibrations. If you do, it could be time to head to a repair shop before you hit the road.

Next, set aside time to top off your engine oil and other fluids, otherwise low levels could significantly reduce your vehicle’s performance.

Also, remember to assess you vehicle’s batteries. According to AAA, the average battery lasts between three and five years. Warning signs of a dying battery can include your engine starting slowly and the dimming of your headlights.

You can find more steps for your checklist from AAA here.