RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A house fire in one Rutherford County community turned deadly Sunday morning.

“You never expect things to happen, but you know that they can, and so it was kind of a shock to all of us and especially on a Sunday morning,” said Gary McGuire

Gary and his wife, Ondelere, were worshipping from their Walterhill home Sunday when Gary looked out their window and noticed smoke.

“As I turned the corner, I said, ‘hey guys, there’s a fire next door,'” he said. “We all ran out the house to see what was going on.”

Their next-door neighbor’s home was on fire.

The McGuire’s daughter called 911 and then called their neighbors. That’s when they learned someone was inside.

“We didn’t see anybody or the fire department didn’t see anybody, “said Ondelere. “[The son said], ‘but my mom is in the house. Oh Jesus, my mom’s in the house,’ and when he said that my daughter sent the fire department back into the house to search.”

Rutherford County firefighters discovered the victim who they say died at the scene.

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“We knew her,” said Ondelere. “We knew the family. The family had lived in the community for 18 years.”

The McGuires say their neighbor was a beautiful person who had a presence everyone in the neighborhood loved.

“She’d be out in the back doing her flowers and her vegetable garden,” said Ondelere. “She would share her tomatoes and cucumbers with the neighbors. She was just wonderful like that. She was very kind.”

The victim was later identified as Glenora White, of Murfreesboro.

While fire officials continue to investigate and figure out what caused this fire, the McGuires say they’ll do all they can to help their neighbors, and they are grateful they were home this Sunday.

“I guess had we not responded it would have been a lot worse,” said Gary.

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The Rutherford County Fire Marshal’s Office is currently investigating the cause of this fire.