COLUMBIA, Tenn. (WKRN) — 911 calls are now shedding light on the disturbing double homicide scene in Columbia.

In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Captain Jeremy Haywood said Christopher and Katrina Gaines were stabbed to death Monday morning. Following a manhunt, their son, Demondra Gaines, was arrested Tuesday night in a Memphis motel room.

Prior to his arrest, police released the 911 calls from that fateful morning, detailing the disturbing scene.

“They’re dead, they’re dead.”

That’s the voice of a relative who first found the couple on Monday morning.

Dispatcher: “Does it appear self-inflicted or natural cause?”

Caller: “No no no, it was not self-inflicted.”

The caller went on to mention Demondra Gaines by name.

Caller: “I think my brother was here. I don’t know if he did this or not. His name is Demondra Gaines.”

Columbia police confirmed Tuesday Demondra Gaines was the sole suspect in the case. He was previously considered a “strong” person of interest.

Dispatcher: “What do you think he did?”

Caller: “Sir they have stab wounds.”

Dispatcher: “Can you see if their chest is rising or falling at all?”

Caller: “Sir, they are gone sir, they are gone.”

Police say Gaines fled the scene in his mother’s car — a black 2018 Nissan Altima.

Caller: “I think he has my mother’s car, it’s a Nissan. It’s a black Nissan with black rims.”

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Gaines was found Tuesday night at the Memphis motel with his mother’s stolen car. He was taken into custody safely, according to police.