NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – This afternoon the National Weather Service confirmed eleven tornadoes in Middle Tennessee.

#1: Dickson, EF-2, max wind 135mph, 500 yards wide, 8.34-mile path length, 2 injuries

#2: Burns, EF-1, max wind 110mph, 175 yards wide, 5.3-mile path length

#3: Humphreys County to Bucksnort, EF-1, max wind 100mph, 250 yards wide, 12.2-mile path length

#4: Rural Hickman County I-40, EF-0, max wind 85mph, 100 yards wide, 4.66 miles path length

#5: Kingston Springs, EF-2, max wind 125mph, 400 yards wide, 10.5-mile path length, 1 injury

#6: Percy Priest to Mt. Juliet, EF-1, max wind 105mph, 100 yards wide, 7.6-mile path length

#7: Stewart County, EF-2, max wind 125mph, 400 yards wide, 18-mile path length.
NOTE: This tornado will likely be a continuation of Weakley/Henry to Christian, KY and maybe even Bowling Green, KY. So if NWS Memphis and NWS Louisville rate their sections as EF-3, this will be known as an EF-3 tornado, but the Stewart County section only had EF2 damage.

#8: Old Hickory to Hendersonville, EF-1, max wind 95 mph, 150 yards wide, 6.24-mile path length

#9: Carthage Tornado (Smith County), EF-0, max wind 80mph, 75 yards wide, 6.86-mile path length

#10: Clay County, EF-1, max wind 105mph, 75 yards wide, 5.8-mile path length

#11: Bethpage, EF-0, max wind 85mph, 50 yards wide, 6.38-mile path length

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In Bowling Green, KY (Warren County), an EF-3 was confirmed with maximum winds of 155 mph. The Louisville NWS office determined that the path length was 5 miles and the width 250 yards.

We hope to soon have a determination on how strong the tornado was that struck Mayfield, KY. The Paducah National Weather Service was investigating the damage there today and is still determining its strength.

This is the same storm that traveled from northeast Arkansas through southeast Missouri and northwest Tennessee into Kentucky. IF surveys determine that it stayed on the ground for the whole length of damage reports, it will become the longest track tornado in history. It’s being dubbed the “Quad-State Tornado” by some.