NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Looking at Nashville’s packed bars and restaurants, you could say things are close to getting back to normal. Hotel occupancy rates are climbing and people are dining out more than they have in months. There’s one particular area in Nashville that has seen not just a huge increase in visitors but also a steady stream of people.

Some might say the new 5th + Broadway area is at the sweet spot: It’s at the top of the Honky Tonk district, just before the massive crowds of Broadway visitors. Since opening in March, 5th + Broadway has had more than 5 million unique visitors. Certainly tourists, but locals are also venturing out to the area.

“We’ve had some great feedback from our local fanbase and then also from all the guests coming from all over the world to see this place,” said Nick Bill, the director of operations for the Twelve Thirty Club.

At the heart of 5th + Broadway, sits the Twelve Thirty Club. It’s a Honky Tonk on the lower level and a supper club and rooftop upstairs. The massive 33,000 square foot space operates like a ‘mom and pop’ restaurant, hence the name, ‘Supper Club.’ The idea was to create a feeling of nostalgia.

“We want to embrace that 30’s, 40’s, 50’s vibe as you walk up the stairs and the stage is front and center, our amazing house band is playing and the idea was to have a place that feels elevated and more exclusive than it actually is,” said Bill. And like many other Broadway spots, it boasts a celebrity’s name: Justin Timberlake is one of the backers.

Surrounded by higher-end restaurants like Eddie V’s, casual spots like locally-owned Slim and Husky’s, and retail shops like the Nash Collection, local and national chains are clamoring to call 5th + Broadway home.

“I think it’s the fact we are located within a brand new project in 5th and Broadway and it’s kind of rewriting the script for downtown here in Nashville,” said Bill. “People are excited to have a place downtown to come perhaps before going to a game at the Bridgestone Arena.”

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And if avoiding Broadway altogether is your goal, there’s an underground tunnel connecting the restaurant to Bridgestone Arena.

“We do have a secret underground tunnel, which won’t be so secret after this, which will allow some high-end guests and high-profile guests to make their way to and from Bridgestone Arena without having to step food on Broadway itself,” said Bill.  “It’s just a little Goodfellas action.”

New businesses are still joining 5th + Broadway, including Travis Austin hats, Blue Sushi restaurant, and Boqueria, which serves tapas.