Working in connection with the TBI, the U.S. Postal Service and Metro-Nashville police, the 18th Judicial Drug Task Force took down a major drug operation.  

Authorities said the operation was working out of residential areas, including upscale Music Row.  

In all, authorities busted five people in the operation and one of the suspects was caught running completely naked down a street on Music Row.  

“He and his girlfriend jumped out a bedroom window and he was totally naked running down 14th Avenue and Sigler Street. People actually noticed them running, yelling, ‘There were naked people running down the road,'” the agent said.  

It all culminated on May 30. That’s when drug agents executed two search warrants simultaneously – one at a quiet home in Goodlettsville and the other on Braxton Park Lane.  

Kendall White and his father, Kevin White, and his girlfriend, Sunnie Ray, were all arrested on charges ranging from possession of marijuana, firearm during a dangerous drug felony and possession of THC oil.  

Drug agents followed Kendall White to a second location on Music Row where two other men – Eric Lawless and Jonathan Miller were taken down. The men are charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana over 70 pounds within 1,000 feet of a drug-free zone, and conspiracy to distribute waxes and THC oil.  

During the raids, officers reportedly found contraband that included 70 pounds of high-grade marijuana, ecstasy, LSD and 500 vials of THC oil cartridges.  

Drug agents also found $113,000 in cash. Of that, $94,000 was found in one bag in a safe in the home on Music Row. Two motorcycles, an SUV, and several guns were also seized.  

Agents said it was a major drug operation where narcotics were being sold in quiet neighborhoods where residents were in danger and didn’t even know it.  

“You have this many drugs, never what will happen, you have to be prepared in this kind of lifestyle. It’s pretty big the among of drugs they are moving from out of state into Middle Tennessee – it is up there,” the drug agent said.  

According to drug agents, Eric Lawless is from Oregon where he has multiple warrants for his arrest. According to Oregon police, Lawless has strong connections to a major marijuana grow operation in Oregon.  

“He had an outdoor grow that was just dismantled two weeks ago. He went back to Oregon and they were able to take him into custody. He made bond and came back to Nashville,” the drug agent said.  

News 2 stopped by the home on Music Row on Monday. Two people at the home claiming to be friends of the suspect didn’t want to go on camera.  

“Both neighborhoods were nice, quiet, at any given moment, someone might have had a drug debt and these guns could’ve been put to use for something crazy,” the drug agent said.  

The investigation into the multi-state drug operation is ongoing.