NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Three of Metro’s emergency sirens are inoperable, according to the Nashville Office of Emergency Management.

The three sirens are awaiting repairs, the office said in an announcement. The repairs are scheduled for next week.

According to OEM, the sirens affected are Siren 084 at 8146 Coley Davis Road, Siren 087 at 5141 John Hagar Road, and Siren 093 at 2749 Smith Springs road. All other sirens are in working order, OEM said, but some people may not hear them as they are not designed to be heard inside homes or buildings.

Follow-up testing on the repaired sirens will be conducted to ensure the repairs are successful. The OEM will alert the public before those tests are conducted.

Metro Nashville Davidson County is currently under a threat of severe weather Wednesay into Thursday. Heavy rainfall, strong winds and isolated tornadoes are all possible.

The Outdoor Tornado Warning Siren System is designed to alert people who are outside to a tornado warning in their area, according to OEM.

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The Metro siren system began through a federal grant in 2002. By the end of April 2013, there were 93 siren locations across the county. Each siren is in public gathering places selected by city planners based on outdoor population and population density.

Currently, there are 113 total sirens in place to warn residents of severe weather.