After being cited on animal cruelty charges, three Bellevue PetSmart employees plead guilty Tuesday in court. 

During the raid, officers seized animals that had a variety of issues including infections and skin issues. 

It happened on March 29, when Metro animal control officers shut down the Bellevue PetSmart and seized small animals that were reportedly in bad health.  

After three months of proper care, the two guinea pigs and four mice are now healthy, vibrant. and living life in the lobby of Metro Animal Care and Control.  

They are ready for adoption and waiting for their forever homes.  

“Three PetSmart employees did plead guilty to animal cruelty and will do community service; the animals have been relinquished to MACC and will be available for adoption,” said Cory Wells with MACC.  

Remember little Rupert, the little hamster with the infected bulging eye?  

He is reportedly doing well – has full sight – and he’s living life with his forever family which includes two mice. 

“I would say it’s a big win for the animals, more of a stance to show that just because they are mice and guinea pigs everything still applies to them as it would a cat or a dog,” said Wells.  

The judge ordered those PetSmart employees to 20 hours of community service and pay costs associated with the animals’ medical bills.  

PetSmart issued a statement regarding the guilty pleas. 

PetSmart stands by our Nashville associates who have made the personal decision to take a standard conditional plea deal to avoid a long, drawn out legal process. We continue to believe these associates have not committed any wrongdoing and that these charges are a direct result of PETA’s systematic and unethical tactics. Our pet care practices continue to be the standard of excellence in the industry and we will continue to defend against PETA’s ongoing clandestine operations as they attempt to disparage our associates and company. We look forward to engaging directly with PETA in our lawsuit against their paid operative in Florida which will once again expose them as disingenuous actors who withheld critical medical care from animals to manufacture evidence against PetSmart.