SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — Residents in a Spring Hill neighborhood are on pins and needles after another car left Port Royal Road, near Duplex Road, smashing through more fences, yards and decks.

It’s the third time in the last five months and the second time in the last two weeks.

Residents are so distraught, so afraid, that another car will come flying off the road, many tell News 2, they won’t let their kids or their dogs play in the backyards anymore.

The latest wreck happened Tuesday around 11:15 a.m.

Jacquelyn Gebhart said she and her husband were eating lunch when they suddenly heard a loud roar and crashing sounds.

“Screeching tires, all sorts of commotion.”

According to Spring Hill police, for a reason not yet known, a 20-year-old driver of a Dodge Challenger left Port Royal Road.

The speeding car ran through three fences, tore up multiple backyards, knocked down trees, toppled a grill, and then, slammed into the Gebhart back deck, splintering wood.

It was only a few feet from where she and her husband are having lunch.

“We heard chaos.”

According to this mother of three, thankfully, her kids are at school, but her puppy Mahi was in the backyard when this chaos erupted. Initially, Gebhart was scared that the dog has been hurt. Thankfully, the dog is ok.

Gebhart told News 2, the 20-year-old driver got out. He was not hurt but in shock. He didn’t say much. He didn’t ask if they were okay. Gebhart said he asked if he could wait for his grandmother at the road.

“I think he was in shock. His airbags did not deploy. He just blew threw three fences, trees, all kinds of stuff, he dazed around the yard.”

The resident of 18 years told News 2 this problem was nonexistent until about six months ago. Now, she says she hears cars racing up and down Port Royal Road and she winces, wondering when it might happen again.

It happened in early June just two houses over. That was the day another young driver left Port Royal Road and drove through multiple fences, eventually crushing April Welch’s playhouse before impacting in the side of new homeowner Morgan Hargett’s house.

At the time, Welch told News 2, her children were playing in the playhouse minutes earlier.

“They love the playhouse. I don’t have words, saw toys scattered all over the place, like a tornado, I went into shock,” Welch said.

Now, Welch tells News 2, her kids are afraid to play in the backyard.

Morgan Hargett lives next door. He didn’t know that a car had plowed into his home’s foundation.

He told News 2, he bought the house, partly for the backyard to play catch with his two young sons. Now, he says he is afraid to use what was a perfect backyard for catch.

“It was ’til yesterday. So now, we’ll just be in the front yard,” Hargett said.

And according to Spring Hill police, just 10 days ago, a third vehicle left Port Royal Road, crashing through fences and shrubs across the street.

A neighbor also caught the aftermath as the car pulled away and left the scene of the crime. That driver has yet to be caught.

What caused Tuesday’s wreck is still under investigation, but SHPD tells news 2, neither drugs, alcohol, nor medical issues appear to be a factor.

Spring Hill police told News 2 officers plan to aggressively patrol this stretch of road to slow traffic down for the foreseeable future.

“That is accurate we want to be proactive to try and rectify the situation,” Lt. Justin Whitwell said.

According to Whitwell, the city of Spring Hill plans to initiate a traffic study on Port Royal Road to analyze the traffic, the road, and the problem to come up with the best solution for residents, many of whom tell News 2, they no longer feel safe.

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When asked what a good solution might be, Gebhart says she would consider guard rails along Port Royal Road. She even says she’d put boulders up in her backyard if it would protect her family and her home.