SPRING HILL Tenn. (WKRN) — A citizen’s tip helped Spring Hill police put two alleged road rage shooters behind bars.

All the particulars are not known at this time, but detectives told News 2 this was a road rage incident that dramatically escalated Thursday evening around Port Royal Road and the bypass.

According to SHPD, the victim, Bernadette Montour, 48, of Spring Hill, encountered two cars loaded with eight passengers. At some point, the people in the cars interacted aggressively, and at Port Royal Road, Montour jumped out of her Nissan Maxima.

That’s when police said Nathan Grove, 20, and Juan Salas, 24, also took out weapons and allegedly opened fire.

Police said the bullets, perhaps as many as seven, struck the woman’s car.

There was damage to the Maxima everywhere, from a shattered rear window, to bullet holes in the front hood and windshield; one bullet was buried into the driver’s seat.

The two cars with people inside drove away, and police said Montour followed them for a while, trying to get their license plate numbers.

In the meantime, SHPD arrived on scene and found bullet casings and broken glass.

That’s when an eye witness approached the officers.

“I watched the whole thing go. I heard the first pop, then about three or four more rounds go off. The shooter was in the left lane and the other two cars in the right lane. He walked out of his car and started shooting directly at the vehicle,” the witness told officers.

As police began investigating the crime scene, Montour returned, surprising them.

Once out of the car, she started detailing what happened.

On the body camera video, she said she was pulling out of the Lexington Farm neighborhood when things unfolded. She said she was driving slowly and they were driving fast, which must have impeded them.

She said words were exchanged and two men started shooting towards her.

“He hopped out of his car, then started shooting. He got out of the car. I got out, too. That’s when the bullets started flying,” she said on the body camera video.

Thankfully, Montour was not injured.

Investigators have identified the alleged shooters as Grove and Salas, thanks to a citizen’s tip.

When officers went to the residents, they found all the people who were allegedly also in the two cars.

While executing a search warrant, an officer posted outside saw someone on the second story open a window and throw out two handguns.

During a search of the home ,bullets and shell casings consistent with the shooting were also confiscated.

On their way to jail, the two young men learned how serious the road rage shooting was as officers announced potential charges against them, like attempted murder.

“Road rage, it is a growing epidemic. We got cases up in Nashville where people have lost their lives. In this case, this woman got out unscathed,” Lt. Justin Whitwell told News 2.

Both suspects are charged with attempted second-degree murder, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence.

Even Montour ended up going to jail that night for a DUI.

Grove and Salas both declined to be interviewed Tuesday at the Maury County Jail.