Carol Swain thanked supporters Thursday night, after coming in a strong second to Mayor David Briley in the special mayoral election. 

Swain, a conservative and former professor at Vanderbilt University, clenched about 24 percent of the vote. 

She still considers the defeat to be an accomplishment after entering the mayoral race in April. 

Swain says it’s too early to tell if she’ll run again next year in the August 2019 mayoral race. 

She says plans on working with Mayor Briley on how to move Nashville forward. 

“If he wants to meet with me about any of my ideas, I do think we need a new police chief one the officers have confidence in,” Swain told a crowd of reporters at her campaign watch party. 

“I’m an idea person,” she said. “If people want to take some of those ideas and implement them, then I would be happy to work with them in the process.”

Swain says she looks forward to going back to her normal life. 

She says she has learned a lot of lessons specifically, which communities she needs to build better bridges with if she decides to run again.