NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local medical supply company is having to shift its business model due to the demands regarding concerns of the coronavirus. 

InterMed Resources, a medical supply company says they are getting an influx of requests for face masks and for their cleaning product.  

“We just sent out a million and a half masks to Malaysia just yesterday,” InterMEd CEO Roger Biles told News 2.    

He said the calls keep coming in.  

“We got another call right before I came over here for 2 and a half million masks to go to Singapore, for Singapore airlines. The calls are coming in literally from six in the morning to six the next morning,” he said.    

The Brentwood based medical supply company has been providing equipment for hospitals for more than 15 years, but now they are in high demand for masks and disinfectant.    

“We’ve never been in that business until now.”  

Outside of healthcare, Biles says hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, and nursing homes are among the businesses calling and taking steps for coronavirus.    

“Two weeks ago I hadn’t sold a mask in almost 4 years and since last Tuesday we have sold almost 60 million masks,” he said.    

He said they are selling both N95 and 3 ply surgical masks.  

“For the most part neither mask is going to prevent you from getting corona, but if you have symptoms or you have corona it will protect the people more so that is likely to get infected more so than the person that has the mask on,” Biles explained.    

He believes the masks are more of a psychological security measure but says many companies are now requiring their employees to wear them.  

“That’s a trend now and you see a lot of companies doing that.”  

Biles said he is also seeing a lot of companies invest in their electrolyzed water system, with sales quadrupling in the past month.    

“It turns one drop of water into 500 particles which is a fine mist, covers everything, disinfects it in less than a minute and  

you are good.”  

The electrolyzed water is 80 times stronger than bleach but safe enough to drink he said. InterMed leases the system to companies for a monthly fee.  

Biles said they have also started selling coronavirus test kits to hospitals and clinics. He said they have over 400-thousand of the kits.