Local group counseled Cyntoia Brown, says she earned clemency


Margie Quin calls Cyntoia Brown’s clemency a “win” for sex trafficking survivors. 

“If we are a society of second chances, Cyntoia Brown has earned her clemency,” said Quin, a consultant for End Slavery Tennessee. 

“People are really beginning to get it,” Quin said. “This is a change of hearts and minds.”

End Slavery Tennessee is a nonprofit which links sex trafficking survivors to resources such as residential housing and addiction treatment to help them start over. 

“Our main focus is to meet survivors where they are,” Quin said. 

Quin says the nonprofit will offer Brown those services once she’s released on parole in August. 

Brown was tried as an adult at age 16 and received a life sentence for killing a man who bought her for sex. 

The nonprofit has advocated for Brown’s clemency and worked one-on-one with her through counseling. 

“It’s hard to wrap your head around the really, really terrible and tragic things that occur to these women and kids,” Quin said. 

End Slavery Tennessee currently works with about 100 survivors. 

“Average age of a trafficking victim is about 15,” Quin said. 

She says most of them have criminal records after being forced into a life of crime by their trafficker. 

“The trafficker is in charge,” Quin said. “They call the shots. They will use physical violence, drug addiction.” 

Since her sentencing, Brown has earned a GED and an Associates Degree. She’s also developing a program for at-risk youth. 

“She deserves that second chance,” Quin said. 

Brown will be released on August 7th and will remain on supervised parole for 10 years. 

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