Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- Tennessee Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown is a star. From his dynamic play on Sundays, to his style and swag, fans of the two-tone blue are proud to call him their favorite player, and that includes Sarah Beth Bills.

“A.J. Brown is really incredible and this year he had such a great season, oh my goodness,” said Bills.

The Austin Peay grad recently moved back to Nashville to teach online art classes to middle school students.

“My passion came a middle school art teacher because I grew up and had a fabulous middle school art teacher, so I’ve always had that passion,” added Bills.

And over the last three months, if Sarah wasn’t teaching art, she was making it, working on her first larger scale painting. The subject- A.J. Brown.

Bills said, “My family and I have always been Titans fans, so my brother is the one that really wanted me to do this painting.”

As the portrait began to come to life, Sarah reached out to Brown on social media, updating him on the process step-by-step.

“I tagged A.J. and he’s known about this painting for a little bit. He responded earlier on and said I was talented,” said Bills.

The two seem to have a lot in common. Brown always seeking perfection on the field, while Sarah making sure every detail is just right.

“The lettering for those glasses was really hard. I had to go over them several times,” said Bills.

But hard work pays off and after Sarah posted a picture of her finished portrait, she received the ultimate reward.

“He said for real, I want to meet up and I’ll sign this,” added Bills.

When Sarah finally met up with Brown, he didn’t hesitate to point out his favorite detail.

“He pointed out the chains. I also told him how hard the tattoos were to paint and he started laughing,” said Bills.

And after Brown signed the painting for Sarah’s brother, there was a parting request.

Sarah added, “So A.J. has contacted me and would like a painting himself, so we’re finding a way to make that happen.”

So while Brown is a star on the field, Sarah steals the spotlight on the canvas.