Live look of West Fork of the Stones River in Rutheford County


I am at The Nice Mill Dam Recreation area along the West Fork of the Stones River, and if you live here in Rutherford County, or nearby, you may have come here on a warm summer day to swim, kayak, or raft. This place has been a popular recreational area for years.  

But the News 2 drone shows us that, unfortunately, Nice Mill doesn’t look very nice right now.  As you can see, the parking lot is completely underwater, garbage cans and all.  And you can’t even see where you would launch a kayak.   

And the river?  It looks like white water rafting right now.  Or should I say “brown water” rafting.  Seriously, please don’t attempt that in these dangerous waters.

Most all of the flooding in Rutherford County is related to either the West, Middle, or East Fork Rivers which all empty into the Stones River.

There continue to be many flooded roadways across Rutherford County and other counties, as well.

The good news, as Danielle tells us, is that we expect to remain dry until next week.

Reporting from Rutherford County, I’m Meteorologist Davis Nolan, News 2.

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